Definition: Chromosomal defect when there is a third chromosome on the 18th pair.

-causes major physical abnormalities and severe mental retardation, and very few children afflicted with this disease survive beyond a year.
-small head and jaw
-low set ears
-kidney problems
-delayed growth
-pocket of fluid on the brain
-strawberry shaped head

baby affected with Edwards Syndrome

Why it occurs...
-3 chromosomes are found on the 18th pair, instead of only 2
-Parents don't cause the disease.

external image Trisomy18.gif
(karyotype chart of someone who has Trisomy 18)

Different Variations of Trisomy 18
Types of Edwards Syndrome: Full, partial, mosaic
-Partial and mosiac are rare.
-Full is the most common, it occurs in 95% of all cases

Random Facts
-1 in 3,000 babies are born with Edwards syndrome.
-Losses of babies with Trisomy 18 are more likely to occur in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy
-Edwards Syndrome is more common is females, than males.
-Women over the age of 30 have a greater risk of having a baby with edwards disease than a women under 30 years old.
-The higher the birth weight the better the chance the baby will live.
-2nd most common trisomy disease next to Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21)

(Video clip explaining trisomy 18)


There is no cure to Edwards syndrome.
-there is no scientific method to prevent chromosomal disorders
-parents cannot do anything to prevent Edwards Syndrome

How its diagnosed
Screening and diagnostic.

Screening tests indicate a risk or liklihood that Edwards syndrome is present.-based on probability
-using Ultrasound or AFP

Diagnostic tests check actual cells and can determine if trisomy 18 is present.
-using CVS or Amnio

Concerning the Child
-diagnosed prior to birth: parents should schedule an appt. with a genetic counsler
-diagnosed after birth: specialized care will be required by your doctor and hospital

Babies born with Edwards disease are put in supportive care with the hope that they will comfortable rather than in pain for their short lives.

Recommendations for those with a child who has been diagnosed
-take time in making critical decisions
-ask questions and find answers
-know that every pregnancy and child is different
-find medical professionals that are on your side
-read other parent's stories

To read stories follow this link >> **http://www.trisomy18.org/site/TR**

(Real life story of a family experiencing Edwards Syndrome)



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