Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is an X-linked recessive disorder. Being an X-linked disorder, DMD typically appears in males. It is caused by a defective gene for Dystrophin, which is a vital protein in muscles and is the most common and most severe form of muscular dystrophy. This disorder causes muscles to weaken over ten to twenty years, though it rapidly gets worse. All lower body muscles have the possiblity to be effected. In some cases breathing can also become effected.

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Symptoms usually appear in males around age five..
and can include:

  • Waddling
  • Stumbling
  • Difficulty going up and down stairs
  • Tendancy to "Toe-Walk"
  • Stuggling to stand from a sitting position
  • Having a hard time pushing things
  • Enlarged calf muscles (calf pseudohypertrophy)
  • Easily falls


Sadly, there is currently no cure. DMD can be prevented by women getting screened to see if they are carriers. However, the worst of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy can be delayed or lessened.

To delay the contractures people suffering can:

  • Wear a brace
  • Use a wheelchair
  • Do range of motion exercises (with a physical therapist)
Medications such as Prednisone and Deflazacort are also available.

DMD affects 1 in every 3600 males. When females are included the statistics change to 1 in every 6000. There is no specific ethnicity or region that DMD is shown in; it can affect anyone.

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